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Transforming CudaCo Seafood House into a Local Culinary Destination: A Rank Farm SEO Success Story

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Case Study Overview

Nestled in Charleston, SC, a bustling culinary scene, CudaCo Seafood House has always been more than a restaurant; it’s an experience. Known for its fresh, locally-sourced seafood and vibrant ambiance, CudaCo has been the local connoisseur’s choice. 

Despite its exceptional dining experience, CudaCo’s digital presence was not mirroring its offline reputation. Prior to our intervention, this culinary gem was like a hidden treasure, known to a few but undiscovered by the masses.

The Challenge

CudaCo Seafood House, despite its culinary excellence, faced a challenge in digital visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, and more. CudaCo was having trouble rank for key search terms like “seafood restaurants”, “seafood catering”, “oysters”, and “local seafood.” This was significantly limiting its reach to new customers and hindering growth opportunities. This situation presented a crucial need for a strategic SEO plan to bring CudaCo’s online presence in line with its offline reputation.


The Solution

Rank Farm approached this challenge with a multi-faceted SEO strategy for CudaCo Seafood House. 1. We began by conducting thorough keyword research to identify terms most relevant to CudaCo’s offerings and audience. 2. We optimized their website content, ensuring it was both rich in these keywords and reflective of the restaurant’s unique culinary experience. 3. Local SEO was prioritized, including optimizing their Google My Business profile and generating local backlinks. 4. We engaged in creating captivating content that resonated with seafood enthusiasts, from blog posts highlighting signature dishes to social media campaigns that showcased the restaurant’s ambiance and special dishes. 5. We monitored the results closely, pivoting keywords and strategies where needed, which significantly boosted CudaCo’s rankings!

The Results

1. The efforts put into improving CudaCo Seafood House’s online presence paid off remarkably.
2. After implementing our SEO strategies, the restaurant’s visibility on the internet shot up, especially when people searched for anything related to seafood in the area. 

3. This wasn’t just a small change – CudaCo started appearing at the top of search results. 

4. More people started visiting their website and profiles, and the number of customers calling and booking tables increased significantly. 

5. More people walking in, more tables filled, and a buzzing atmosphere that matched the tasty seafood they served. 

6. Our SEO work helped CudaCo go from being virtually unknown online to one of the go-to seafood places in the area.

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Restaurant SEO Case Study

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