Swift Marine Boat Products & Services Case Study

Transforming Swift Marine’s website into a customer magnet: A Rank Farm SEO Success Story

Turning a Boat Repair Website into a Customer MAGNET

Case Study Overview

Swift Marine, located in Charleston, SC, a hub for marine enthusiasts, has always been more than just a boat repair and products sales business; it’s a cornerstone in the boating community. Renowned for its top-notch services and extensive range of boating products, Swift Marine is the go-to destination for boat owners.

However, Swift Marine’s online presence wasn’t reflecting its esteemed offline reputation. Before our involvement, this marine powerhouse was like an undiscovered gem, known mainly to local patrons but largely invisible to a broader audience.

The Challenge

Despite being a leader in boat repair and products, Swift Marine struggled with digital visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, and more. They found it challenging to rank for key search terms such as “boat repair,” “marine products,” “boat services,” and “local boating supplies.”

This lack of online visibility was severely limiting their reach to new customers and impeding growth opportunities, highlighting the need for a comprehensive SEO strategy to align Swift Marine’s digital footprint with its real-world acclaim.

The Solution

Our team at Rank Farm tackled Swift Marine’s challenge with a holistic SEO approach:

  1. We commenced with extensive keyword research to pinpoint terms directly relevant to Swift Marine’s services and customer base.

  2. The website content was overhauled to be rich with these targeted keywords, accurately reflecting Swift Marine’s expertise in boat repair and product offerings.

  3. Local SEO was given top priority, including optimizing their Google My Business profile and cultivating local backlinks.

  4. We initiated the creation of engaging content, from blog posts detailing boat maintenance tips to social media campaigns showcasing their diverse range of marine products.

  5. Constant monitoring and adjusting of keywords and strategies were employed, significantly elevating Swift Marine’s search rankings.

The Results

The investment in elevating Swift Marine’s online presence yielded outstanding outcomes:

  1. Following the application of our SEO strategies, Swift Marine’s internet visibility soared, particularly for searches related to boating services and products in Charleston.

  2. The shift was remarkable – Swift Marine began dominating top search results.

  3. There was a noticeable surge in website visits and profile engagements, leading to an increase in customer inquiries and bookings.

  4. The upswing in online visibility translated into more walk-ins, a steady flow of repair requests, and heightened sales of marine products.

  5. Our SEO endeavors transformed Swift Marine from a locally-known entity to a prominently recognized name in Charleston’s boating community.


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