Law Firm Marketing Case Study

Atlanta Estate Planning attorney, Sarah Siedentopf – HUGE Keyword rankings!

Seidentopf Law – Atlanta Estate Planning

In this Case Study, we discuss Siedentopf Law! In January of 2022, Siedentopf Law, an estate planning law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, approached our agency to help them improve their online visibility, improve their SEO through content marketing, and generate more leads through their website.

Case Study Overview

To improve Siedentopf Law’s online presence and increase their search engine rankings, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that focuses on both on-page and off-page optimization.

The results are astonishing!

The Challenge

Despite having a well-designed website, they were struggling to rank for their target keywords and weren’t getting much organic traffic. This was resulting in lost sales, minimal website traffic, and reduced revenue.

The Solution

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable search terms for their business. Then we optimized their website content, meta descriptions, and title tags to incorporate these keywords. In addition to on-page optimization, we also worked on building high-quality backlinks to Siedentopf Law’s website through targeted outreach and content marketing efforts.

The Results

Our SEO efforts had a significant impact on Siedentopf Law’s website traffic, lead generation, and search engine rankings. Within six months of implementing our strategy, their website saw a 150% increase in organic traffic, and their keyword rankings for their target terms improved dramatically. In addition, their website’s domain authority increased by 15 points, which helped them rank higher for more competitive keywords.

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The Challenge

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made. This paragraph is also for those who are looking out for a reliable co-working space. You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away. List down your expertise and experience to prove you are the best.

The Solution

We carried out in-depth keyword research to determine the most lucrative and pertinent search phrases for their industry. We then optimized the content of their website as well as the meta descriptions and title tags to include these keywords.

Through targeted outreach and content marketing initiatives, we aimed to create high-quality backlinks to Siedentopf Law’s website in addition to on-page SEO. We crafted educational blog entries, articles, and guest posts that demonstrated their knowledge of estate planning and related legal matters before contacting reputable websites to obtain high-quality links pointing to their website.

The Results

Our persistent SEO work had a significant influence on Siedentopf Law’s website traffic, lead creation, and search engine rankings. Their website saw a stunning increase in organic traffic of 150% within just six months of applying our all-encompassing strategy, and their keyword ranks for their chosen terms saw a notable rise. Additionally, their website’s domain authority increased by a significant 15 points, which helped them move up the rankings for more highly competitive keywords.

Most crucially, Siedentopf Law’s website started producing a lot more leads, as demonstrated by an amazing 300% increase in form submissions and phone calls from eager prospects. The efficient conversion of these leads into brand-new customers confirmed the unequivocal return on investment produced by their investment in SEO.

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